Saturday, 20 April 2013

Easter Story

On a Holy Thursday night 2000 years ago, Jesus and his apostles were having the last supper before they did this. Jesus and the apostles had been in the garden of Gethsemane. While they were there the apostles went to sleep and the guards came to arrest Jesus and take him away.

They took Jesus to Pilate who asked the people what he should do with him and the people said to crucify him. So the guards took him back and whipped him 40 times, when they finished whipping him he had to carry a really heavy ugly cross because he was going to get crucified. When he was crucified people heard the bad news and went to see him, they cried and cried while they watched Jesus crucified in between two thieves.

Just before he died Jesus’ his last words were“ Father please forgive them because they don’t know what they are doing”.

When Jesus was taken down from the cross he was laid in a tomb. On the third day Mary Magdalene went to visit Jesus body but it wasn’t there.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Family Tree

Summative Assessment

Explain the parts of the Scripture Reference which are in Bold:

John means find - The book. ✔
John 4 means find - means the chapter. ✔
John 4:7-9 means find -  means the verse. ✔
2 Corinthians means find - means the second book. ✔

Highlight the religious groups in Jesus’ time:

Romans Sadducees Anglicans Zealots Pharisees Presbyterians Scribes

Complete the sentences:

Jesus is fully human  he tino tangata and fully divine he tino Atua.  His life death  and resurrection were a response to God the Father through the Holy Spirit. ✔

Complete the statement:

I found these lessons interesting because some of these activities are about the Bible and I have learnt a lot about the Bible at home and at school this was really fun to do and easy.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Patu Mania

This is a Patu Mania of my own I created my own by painting it I did my own pattern and my own shape. We didn't know that the Patu mania even existed, Maori people have these stuff, mostly they have it in traditional dance's I chose this pattern because it looked easy to do and so I gave it a try and it worked out. 

Monday, 8 April 2013

Mary and Joseph's Journey.

Mary and Joseph rode a donkey to Bethlehem and it was  24.7 km so that was 5 hours and 13 minutes They walked from Nazareth to Bethlehem, Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem because they were having a baby and also Joseph had to get counted.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Similes and Metaphors

Similes and Metaphors
A simile is where two things are directly compared because they share a common feature. The word AS or LIKE is used to compare the two words. Eg. As cold AS a dog's nose
A metaphor also compares two things, but it does so more directly WITHOUT using as or like. Eg. The shop was a little gold-mine.
Task One
At the end of the sentence, write in brackets whether the sentence is an example of a metaphor or simile.
Eg. The clouds were fluffy like cotton wool. (SIMILE)

  1. As slippery as an eel. (SIMILE) ✔
  2. Arnie was a man-mountain. (Metaphor) ✔
  3. He was a lion in battle. (Metaphor) ✔
  4. She is as pretty as a picture. (SIMILE) ✔
  5. The striker was a goal machine. (Metaphor) ✔
  6. The torch lit up the room as if the sun had risen early. (Metaphor) ✔
  7. The moon was a misty shadow. (Metaphor) ✔
  8. My friend has a face like a bag of spanners (SIMILE). ✔

Task Two
Now you are going to make up similes of your own by copying and finishing these sentences.
For example:
As good as gold

  1. As heavy as a rock. ✔
  2. As cold as ice. ✔
  3. As hard as table. ✔
  4. She had skin like a tiger. ✔
  5. As cool as an ice-cream. ✔
  6. As quick as cheetah. ✔
  7. He was slow like a turtle. ✔
  8. Slippery like a seal. ✔