Friday, 1 November 2013

Prompt Writing 2

“Come on Emerald lets go”, Zack shouted on the top of his lungs.

Ding!! the clock hit 1:00pm and Zack shouted aloud too Emerald so she could hurry up because they wanted to find a perfect spot at the beach. After Emerald was getting changed into her flowered light blue swimsuit she grabbed some sunblock, sunglasses and a towel.

Emerald hopped into the van and Zack, Alexander and Hailey were sitting there on their phones listening to music, then she remembered that she forgot her phone, so she ran back as quickly as she could to her room and grabbed her earphones and her phone.

Once all four of them reached the beach they saw one perfect spot that was so shiny, so they went towards it and they put their mat on that spot. Once they did that Emerald and Alexandra jumped right into the ocean and they were screaming “COLD, COLD, COLD” that everybody could hear them.

Alexandra and Emerald were in the ocean for almost 2 hours but when they got out of the ocean they went back to their spot and their phones were gone. They went and asked Hailey and Zack but they did not know who took their phones.

Emerald and Alexandra split up, Emerald went to the right side and asked everyone and Alexandra went to the left side and asked everyone. Once they finished asking everyone Emerald and Alexandra came back to sit with Hailey and Zack, Emerald saw that Alexandra was already at the mat.

While Emerald was walking back she tripped over two metal hard things and she looked down and it was white. She grabbed it and blew all the sand off and she discovered it was their phones, she ran so glad that she didn’t wanna look at anyone so she just ran straight back and gave Alexandra her phone.

Yay our phones are alright”, Alexandra shouted aloud, “Come on let’s go home now we have been here for ages and it is getting really hot”, Zack and Hailey commanded. Zack started the engine of the car and they saw a women and men holding these big red bags and holding an ice block each in their hands. All of them hopped back out and grabbed an ice block and they even got it for free.

“Yes, finally we are at home I am going to have a cold bath”, Emerald said, “It was such an amazing day it felt like an adventure”, Haliey replied to Emerald.