Saturday, 7 December 2013


Here is the Colombia Inquiry group presenting their findings.  Also the presentation that they used during their oral presentation and the rubic marking sheet for their group.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Netbook Reflection :)

What I discovered my chromebook could download a lot of things at the same time really quickly, also that my chromebook as well is that you can change a lot of things on it.

What it’s like to have a netbook is just like a book but with keyboards and a screen. It is kind of hard taking care of a netbook but when you take it home you have to take care of it big time.

What I have been learning this year with my chromebook is learning about two saints and they are St. Patrick and St. Cecilia. Also what I have been learning in the last couple of terms is how to be smart online, how we did that was making posters and showing how to be smart online.

We don’t just learn from our teachers we learn from our parents, the people who inspire us and others. It is amazing to have these netbooks because they a faster and a lot cooler. I love having a chromebook.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Pig's Tale - Book Review

Title: Pig’s Tale
Author: Helen Coopen
Illustrator: Helen Cooper


Pig’s tale is a, little tale about a Pig that is always alone, and the Pig is always sad because the owner always plays with other toys but not with him.
What the problem, is in this story is the cat goes onto the shelf and pushes down the pig and the pig cracks into pieces.
The solution is, Tim collects all the pieces of the pig and gathers them up on his desk and glues it all together. And once it is glued altogether it looks exactly brand new and Tim starts playing with it.
Your opinion of the story:
My opinion is I really loved this, tale because it shows the audience who is reading this and it shows the kids in the world that whenever you are lonely you can always make friends.
Illustration of a character doing something from the story

Friday, 1 November 2013

Prompt Writing 2

“Come on Emerald lets go”, Zack shouted on the top of his lungs.

Ding!! the clock hit 1:00pm and Zack shouted aloud too Emerald so she could hurry up because they wanted to find a perfect spot at the beach. After Emerald was getting changed into her flowered light blue swimsuit she grabbed some sunblock, sunglasses and a towel.

Emerald hopped into the van and Zack, Alexander and Hailey were sitting there on their phones listening to music, then she remembered that she forgot her phone, so she ran back as quickly as she could to her room and grabbed her earphones and her phone.

Once all four of them reached the beach they saw one perfect spot that was so shiny, so they went towards it and they put their mat on that spot. Once they did that Emerald and Alexandra jumped right into the ocean and they were screaming “COLD, COLD, COLD” that everybody could hear them.

Alexandra and Emerald were in the ocean for almost 2 hours but when they got out of the ocean they went back to their spot and their phones were gone. They went and asked Hailey and Zack but they did not know who took their phones.

Emerald and Alexandra split up, Emerald went to the right side and asked everyone and Alexandra went to the left side and asked everyone. Once they finished asking everyone Emerald and Alexandra came back to sit with Hailey and Zack, Emerald saw that Alexandra was already at the mat.

While Emerald was walking back she tripped over two metal hard things and she looked down and it was white. She grabbed it and blew all the sand off and she discovered it was their phones, she ran so glad that she didn’t wanna look at anyone so she just ran straight back and gave Alexandra her phone.

Yay our phones are alright”, Alexandra shouted aloud, “Come on let’s go home now we have been here for ages and it is getting really hot”, Zack and Hailey commanded. Zack started the engine of the car and they saw a women and men holding these big red bags and holding an ice block each in their hands. All of them hopped back out and grabbed an ice block and they even got it for free.

“Yes, finally we are at home I am going to have a cold bath”, Emerald said, “It was such an amazing day it felt like an adventure”, Haliey replied to Emerald.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Bang Smash!! Squash

“The ball shot past me like light before I could even hit it” I shouted at the top my lungs.

Just after morning tea, Miss G sent us into the classroom to tell us something before we go to our new kiwi sport, Squash.
After Miss G told us the thing she wanted to tell us, we vanished outside to line up, we entered the hall and we saw two young gentlemen standing next to a huge squash wall.

We all sat down in front of the two men and they introduced themselves, their names were Michael and Phil. Before we started our session Phil split us in to two groups, my group were all girls and the other group were boys and girls.

Once our first session started Phil told us to go to Michael and practise on the big squash board, we only had 5 minutes with Michael. During our session with Michael, Phil told us to stop, we were sad because we didn’t finish our 5 minutes yet.

Just after Phil was talking to his group we all ran to Phil to tell him that we were with him and Phil’s group is with Michael.

“Grab a ball and racket and practice hitting the ball in the air with the squash racket”, Phil said, We all ran to get a ball and a racket to practise. Once we finished our lesson we sat down and listened to our instructors, Michael and Phil finished talking and we all said thank you.

When we ran out I stayed in the hall and said “Thank you Michael and Phil for teaching us a WONDERFUL FANTASTIC FUN GAME”.

We ran all outside like we were animals, we were all thirsty, exhausted, sweaty, overwhelmed also it felt like I was gonna faint, but I really liked it because it was a good exercise.

The top 2 players of squash in the world are Nicol David and Ramy Ashour. What you wear for squash is just a pair of shorts and a t-shirt but the colors of the uniform have to represent your country. Also what you wear for protection is these special glasses in case the ball hits your face. Squash was invented in 1830 at a school in England called Harrow School.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Term 3 Reflection

This term it has been amazing because we have a lot of new students  that have come to our school. We are all getting along with each other and also learning new stuff and making new stuff.

We have been learning a lot of new things, like social justice and we have been learning what to do in a lockdown.  In Room 3 we have also been making PINATAS.  

What I liked most about making pinatas was when you are  doing your paper mache, you stick the paper on your balloon with glue and it feels so cold like you are touching a whole block of ice and it feels so goopy.

What I also learnt this term was a little bit of information about China and some new games from a special guest named, Nathan Grey who came for our Duffy Assembly.

Another part of term three, was getting my new books. I have been waiting for my books forever this term. The books I got were ‘The Return of the Vampire’ by Geronimo Stilton and Von Cacklefur  and ‘The Secret Garden’ by Frances Hodgson Burnett, which was such a sad story.

What I am looking forward to next term is the Manaiakalani Film Festival  because I get to see myself on the Xtreme big  screen. I always wanted to be on a film.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Kids for Kids Rehearsal

On a lovely magnificent day Room 3 was going to the Life Convention Centre for Kids for Kids. We went there because we had to practice our songs for the Kids for Kids Concert. There were three famous people there, it was Jackie Clarke, Nathan King and Chris from the Funky Monkeys.

We had to learn 17 songs for that day, we were all exhausted but it was really fun. Heaps of children went to audition for the soloist parts and for the ukulele part. They were all great singers and ukulele players, it was so amazing at the Life Convention Centre.   

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Filming Reflection

Last week we were organizing our film for the Manaiakalani film festival, we each had a group name, my groups name was Colombia.

In my group there wasViliami, Misiotei, Ma’ata, Kanesini, Victoria, J.T. and Me( Rosrine). We all had parts Viliami was to be the Camera Operator, J.T.’s job was Director, Kanesini and Ma’ata part was acting as students, my part and Victoria’s part were actors and also Misiotei.

We did it by first storyboarding our filming and after that we figured out who was who then when we finished doing all of that we got to film. Our topic was SUCCESS.

Our group showed success through achieving our goals. We also had a song for it, it was called ‘Roar’ by Katy Perry, it is a nice song.

When our group finished filming the director sat with Miss G and edited and looked if there was any mistakes Just when the director and Miss G finished editing our film my group got to see our film, we were all proud of ourselves because we did a very great job. When everybody finished their film we all got to see it as one big massive film.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Rugby League Reflection

Last week we started a new kiwisport, it is league and our instructor’s name is Cuma. Cuma plays for the Junior Warriors and the Akarana Falcons.

It was my first time playing league in my whole life. I was really overjoyed to play league because I was getting taught by a professional league player. When we reached the field Cuma was standing there with dirty rugby balls waiting for us.

Cuma introduced himself then started with the warm ups of high knees and butt flicks.  We also practised skills like passing and catching before playing a short game of tag.  I am looking forward to our session next week.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

St Pius X Feast Day

“Woohoo, the St Pius X Feast Day is today I can’t wait it’s gonna be so much fun” shouted on the top of my lungs.

On a beautiful magnificent sunny day the whole school was lining up to go to the church because it was the St Pius X Feast day and we were celebrating the St Pius X Feast day because St Pius X is the name of our school.

When we entered the Parish it was almost packed with people, we sat down in our seats waiting for the person who is doing the Introduction. When Leone finished reading the Introduction we started to sing the Entrance Hymn.

Just when the mass was about to finish we sang our last Hymn it was Credo Domine and when we finished the mass we went to the hall as fast as we could so we could celebrate with a banana cake. Genevieve gave out the banana cake and I ate it, it was so devine, the icing tasted like butter to me.

When we all finished eating our cake we all lined up to go to class. Mrs Deeney said that we could sit anywhere and we could go on anything. I went on this Dress Up game for girls and boys called Stardoll. Just before we finished having our Golden Time Mrs Deeney rang the tinkerbell and said “ Ok guys we are going to go soon for our performance”.

“Come on lets go, it is it time to go to the hall”. We all lined up outside, my heart was beating out of my chest I was so nervous. Just when we were going to enter the hall Mrs Williams stopped us, we were all wondering why she had to stopped us. Then Mrs Williams shouted “Sit down Room 3 you guys a being really noisy”, We waited for 2 minutes then she let us go in.

In the Meantime Sione Dale got the Microphone and tested out if it was working, it was working perfectly fine. The whole school settled down and Sione Dale announced if Room 1 and 2 could stand up and do their item, so they all did. Room 1 and 2’s item was called Do rai me, my little brother George and Annalise’s little sister Angelyn where the two soloists and they had to sing and the rest of the song with Room 1 and 2 repeating after George and Angelyn. Room 1 and 2 finished their item and we all gave them a round of applause. I was so happy of my brother George singing and Annalise was proud of her little sister Angelyn.

“Give another round of applause to Room 1 and 2 again” Catherine announced, “Give a round of applause to Room 4, they are singing Just a single candle”, Catherine explained.

“YAY YAY”, The whole school shouted. Genevieve stood up and went and grabbed the microphone, Genevieve announced “Can Room 3 please stand up and do their two items”, and we went straight away and stood where we had to stand. Our items where ‘Something in the water’ by Brooke Fraser and ‘Haere mai’. The two soloists for our songs were Tokilupe and Ezra. We finished our turn and it was Room 6 and 7’s turn then we went straight to class to have big lunch.

Just when we finished having big lunch we went to the hall again for the third time because a special guest was coming her name was Linda Filimoehala she was Mrs Logan’s daughter friend from university she came with a euphonium it looked like a saxaphone.   

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

St Pius X Feast Day

This is my church, we were learning about Pope Pius X because we are celebrating his feast day. I drew a church because Pope Pius X always used to go church and this church that I drew is named after Pope Pius X. Pope Pius X was a poor man but he manged to be a Pope because he worked very hard. When Pope Pius X was born his name was Joseph Sarto and when he became a Pope he changed his name to Pope Pius X. Pope Pius X was born in June 2nd 1835 and died at 18 August 1907, Pope Pius grew up in Italy. 

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

God's Call to Mary

Rm 3 Gods Call To Mary from St Pius X on Vimeo.

This week we have been learning scripture readings about God from the bible and we had to act it out. We first did God's promise that was about Sarah and Abraham but this video is about Gods call to Mary about having a baby child. Our whole class got into 3 groups and Mrs. Tui did a role play by herself to.

God's Promise

Rm 3 Group 1 God's Promise from St Pius X on Vimeo.

Monday, 17 June 2013


Hiccups - Pt 1, No 4, 1997

1. Find the meanings of these words from the story.
hiccups -  Hiccups mean a sudden sound in your throat caused by a spasm in your chest
cure - Cure means help or fix.
cough -  to make a sudden harsh noise as you force the air out of your lungs.
tiptoe - Tiptoe means to walk quietly
miserable - Miserable means very unhappy
grin - Grin means to give a large cheerful smile
finally - Finally means at last.

2. Answer these comprehension questions to show your understanding of the text.
a) Where did Richard get the hiccups? Richard got his hiccups in his maths class
b) Why do you think people get hiccups? I think people get hiccups because they eat and drink very fast at the same time.
c) What was one way that Richard tried to fix his hiccups? The one way that Richard try to fix his hiccups was holding his breath
d) How did Richard end up curing his hiccups? How richard cured his hiccups was his scared him.  

Friday, 14 June 2013


On a sunny beautiful day we were having our first swimming lesson, we were all excited.

Once all of us got changed into our swimming togs we all went down to the courts because that’s where the swimming pool was. We all went inside and the instructor was on the bottom of the stairs waiting for all of us to be quiet.

Mrs. Deeney said very loudly “Whoever is not swimming? stand back”, so Albert, Seuati, Stephanie and me (Rosrine) stood by the fence. Two minutes later the instructor (Jillian) said “whoever can swim stand on the left side and the people who cannot swim stand on the right side”.

After they got into their groups the instructor(Jillian) said “the first group on the left side go into the pool really carefully because it is really slippery”.

In the meantime when the first group got into the pool they all shouted “COLD COLD COLD COLD” and they all laughed at the same time. The first thing they had to do in the swimming pool was to glide to the other side without putting their heads up.

Meanwhile they were still gliding across to the other side of the pool, group 2 and Stephanie and me (Rosrine) went and stood where the pool was and put our hands inside the pool, it was cold we all shouted “ COLD COLD COLD”, but it felt really nice to relax our hands in the cold water while group 1 was having their turn in the pool.

When group 1 finished their long lesson in the pool Jillian gave all of them a high five then group 2 had their turn in the pool. Jillian said “Go to the side of the pool and put your hands on the rail and put your legs up to the surface of the pool and kick”, they all did what Jillian said.

They did the same thing as group 1 and after they finished their very long lesson they climbed out of the pool and Jillian gave them a high five. I asked Mrs. Deeney if I could take the key and open the class and she said “Yes”. I ran into the office to our class and they were waiting outside the classroom.

That was the most fun day I ever had, even though I did not swim it was AWESOME!!!

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Maths Learning

Circles Maths learning from St Pius X on Vimeo.

Last week we filmed a video of our maths group Crafty Circles doing a film of how to use the clever machine that we have been using for a long time this machine is very clever because it knows the number that we a thinking of in our heads.  

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Water Facts

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Spirit of Truth

We have been learning about being the Spirit of Truth and being a good role model out in the playground.  Here is the movie my group and I made about doing exactly that.

Friday, 31 May 2013


On Math Whizz this is what I do it is cool and fun I am Stage 4 now and I am in Crafty Circles 

Monday, 27 May 2013

Catholic School's Day

On a lovely magnificent day we were all excited and nervous at the same time because St Joseph’s, Orakei was invited to our school to celebrate Catholic School Day with us.

We were all sitting in class on our netbooks waiting for the bell to ring. All the sudden we heard the bell so we got our food and rushed outside. After morning tea we lined up just like we line up at the beginning of the day. Suddenly someone called my name I looked around trying to find who called my name, I looked in front where all the teachers were and I remembered that I was doing a part in the Mass and when I remembered I knew it was Mrs Tui.

I lined up with the Room 7 students, I was supposed to stand with Vili and Zeiyhna but Vili was not there with us so we just went to the church without him.

Outside the church was all the St Joseph’s students waiting to enter the church. I was really looking forward to read with the St Joseph students.
When the St Joseph’s students entered the church my stomach started to have butterflies because I was really nervous, I looked to my left and there were two St Joseph’s students standing with three St Pius students, they were the altar serves and there was two priest’s standing with them, Father Iosefa from our school and Father Terry from St Joseph’s..

We started our mass of with Father Terry introducing himself then we did this short blessing. After the short blessing we had the Prayers of the Faithful.  I went up and read my part, I read a short part then it was three St Joseph’s kids talking, they did really well..

When Mass finished we went off for lunch and we played with a

lot of St Joseph’s students. After lunch we went to the hall to have a concert. We did an item, our item was the Cups song from Pitch Perfect we had a lot of fun.  What an awesome day.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Maths Reflection

What I have learnt this week in Maths is my division. I thought it was gonna be really hard but the first time I tried it, it was really easy.I learn a lot my Maths equations from a website called Maths Whizz and Xtra Maths, both of them are really fun but hard sometimes. In Xtra Maths there is addition, subtraction, time tables and division  I am still on addition and I am almost on my subtraction, I am so excited to move on. 
My maths group is Crafty Circles and I am doing well at the moment and I am getting really fast at knowing my strategies.  For Addition and Subtraction I am on Stage 4.


Friday, 17 May 2013

My Water Presentation

My Pencil

My Pencil is hard, it is just because it is made out of wood.. You can draw with it and you can write with it, it may even have a rubber.

My writing instrument is really easy to hold. When your pencil is not sharp we call it blunt. My pencil is colourful as the rainbow, it is really useful and also it is thin.

I can be creative with my drawing friend, my pencil has a long lead, and is just like holding a light piece of feather. My pencil is shaped like a hexagon and it is just like using a pen but a pen has a lot of ink inside

When my pencil is blunt it gets into a big smudgy mess just like a flat tyre. My pencil is as sharp as a needle but what is annoying about a pencil is that when it is sharp it can break again..

My learning tool is very cool and fun to write and draw with. I am so glad that we have pencil’s because it’s easy to use and because when it breaks you can sharpen it again. It is just like an everlasting learning tool.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

My Mother

I am going to talk about my mother, her name is Silia, she is the most kindest mum ever.

My mum has black hair like the dark, she has brown bright eyes. My mum always supports me at Athletics, Cross Country and she looks after me even when I’m sick.

My Mother acts like a nice woman, she’s always nice to me and she takes me out to shop with her.

What my mum dislikes is animals, she hates growling at little kids, what she really likes is having peaceful times, she likes shopping around with her family and her favourite flower is roses.

What makes my mother special is that she is a wonderful mum and she is my hero. I will never forget about her, I love my mum so much.


Saturday, 20 April 2013

Easter Story

On a Holy Thursday night 2000 years ago, Jesus and his apostles were having the last supper before they did this. Jesus and the apostles had been in the garden of Gethsemane. While they were there the apostles went to sleep and the guards came to arrest Jesus and take him away.

They took Jesus to Pilate who asked the people what he should do with him and the people said to crucify him. So the guards took him back and whipped him 40 times, when they finished whipping him he had to carry a really heavy ugly cross because he was going to get crucified. When he was crucified people heard the bad news and went to see him, they cried and cried while they watched Jesus crucified in between two thieves.

Just before he died Jesus’ his last words were“ Father please forgive them because they don’t know what they are doing”.

When Jesus was taken down from the cross he was laid in a tomb. On the third day Mary Magdalene went to visit Jesus body but it wasn’t there.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Family Tree

Summative Assessment

Explain the parts of the Scripture Reference which are in Bold:

John means find - The book. ✔
John 4 means find - means the chapter. ✔
John 4:7-9 means find -  means the verse. ✔
2 Corinthians means find - means the second book. ✔

Highlight the religious groups in Jesus’ time:

Romans Sadducees Anglicans Zealots Pharisees Presbyterians Scribes

Complete the sentences:

Jesus is fully human  he tino tangata and fully divine he tino Atua.  His life death  and resurrection were a response to God the Father through the Holy Spirit. ✔

Complete the statement:

I found these lessons interesting because some of these activities are about the Bible and I have learnt a lot about the Bible at home and at school this was really fun to do and easy.