Friday, 17 May 2013

My Pencil

My Pencil is hard, it is just because it is made out of wood.. You can draw with it and you can write with it, it may even have a rubber.

My writing instrument is really easy to hold. When your pencil is not sharp we call it blunt. My pencil is colourful as the rainbow, it is really useful and also it is thin.

I can be creative with my drawing friend, my pencil has a long lead, and is just like holding a light piece of feather. My pencil is shaped like a hexagon and it is just like using a pen but a pen has a lot of ink inside

When my pencil is blunt it gets into a big smudgy mess just like a flat tyre. My pencil is as sharp as a needle but what is annoying about a pencil is that when it is sharp it can break again..

My learning tool is very cool and fun to write and draw with. I am so glad that we have pencil’s because it’s easy to use and because when it breaks you can sharpen it again. It is just like an everlasting learning tool.

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