Friday, 14 June 2013


On a sunny beautiful day we were having our first swimming lesson, we were all excited.

Once all of us got changed into our swimming togs we all went down to the courts because that’s where the swimming pool was. We all went inside and the instructor was on the bottom of the stairs waiting for all of us to be quiet.

Mrs. Deeney said very loudly “Whoever is not swimming? stand back”, so Albert, Seuati, Stephanie and me (Rosrine) stood by the fence. Two minutes later the instructor (Jillian) said “whoever can swim stand on the left side and the people who cannot swim stand on the right side”.

After they got into their groups the instructor(Jillian) said “the first group on the left side go into the pool really carefully because it is really slippery”.

In the meantime when the first group got into the pool they all shouted “COLD COLD COLD COLD” and they all laughed at the same time. The first thing they had to do in the swimming pool was to glide to the other side without putting their heads up.

Meanwhile they were still gliding across to the other side of the pool, group 2 and Stephanie and me (Rosrine) went and stood where the pool was and put our hands inside the pool, it was cold we all shouted “ COLD COLD COLD”, but it felt really nice to relax our hands in the cold water while group 1 was having their turn in the pool.

When group 1 finished their long lesson in the pool Jillian gave all of them a high five then group 2 had their turn in the pool. Jillian said “Go to the side of the pool and put your hands on the rail and put your legs up to the surface of the pool and kick”, they all did what Jillian said.

They did the same thing as group 1 and after they finished their very long lesson they climbed out of the pool and Jillian gave them a high five. I asked Mrs. Deeney if I could take the key and open the class and she said “Yes”. I ran into the office to our class and they were waiting outside the classroom.

That was the most fun day I ever had, even though I did not swim it was AWESOME!!!

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