Wednesday, 4 September 2013

St Pius X Feast Day

“Woohoo, the St Pius X Feast Day is today I can’t wait it’s gonna be so much fun” shouted on the top of my lungs.

On a beautiful magnificent sunny day the whole school was lining up to go to the church because it was the St Pius X Feast day and we were celebrating the St Pius X Feast day because St Pius X is the name of our school.

When we entered the Parish it was almost packed with people, we sat down in our seats waiting for the person who is doing the Introduction. When Leone finished reading the Introduction we started to sing the Entrance Hymn.

Just when the mass was about to finish we sang our last Hymn it was Credo Domine and when we finished the mass we went to the hall as fast as we could so we could celebrate with a banana cake. Genevieve gave out the banana cake and I ate it, it was so devine, the icing tasted like butter to me.

When we all finished eating our cake we all lined up to go to class. Mrs Deeney said that we could sit anywhere and we could go on anything. I went on this Dress Up game for girls and boys called Stardoll. Just before we finished having our Golden Time Mrs Deeney rang the tinkerbell and said “ Ok guys we are going to go soon for our performance”.

“Come on lets go, it is it time to go to the hall”. We all lined up outside, my heart was beating out of my chest I was so nervous. Just when we were going to enter the hall Mrs Williams stopped us, we were all wondering why she had to stopped us. Then Mrs Williams shouted “Sit down Room 3 you guys a being really noisy”, We waited for 2 minutes then she let us go in.

In the Meantime Sione Dale got the Microphone and tested out if it was working, it was working perfectly fine. The whole school settled down and Sione Dale announced if Room 1 and 2 could stand up and do their item, so they all did. Room 1 and 2’s item was called Do rai me, my little brother George and Annalise’s little sister Angelyn where the two soloists and they had to sing and the rest of the song with Room 1 and 2 repeating after George and Angelyn. Room 1 and 2 finished their item and we all gave them a round of applause. I was so happy of my brother George singing and Annalise was proud of her little sister Angelyn.

“Give another round of applause to Room 1 and 2 again” Catherine announced, “Give a round of applause to Room 4, they are singing Just a single candle”, Catherine explained.

“YAY YAY”, The whole school shouted. Genevieve stood up and went and grabbed the microphone, Genevieve announced “Can Room 3 please stand up and do their two items”, and we went straight away and stood where we had to stand. Our items where ‘Something in the water’ by Brooke Fraser and ‘Haere mai’. The two soloists for our songs were Tokilupe and Ezra. We finished our turn and it was Room 6 and 7’s turn then we went straight to class to have big lunch.

Just when we finished having big lunch we went to the hall again for the third time because a special guest was coming her name was Linda Filimoehala she was Mrs Logan’s daughter friend from university she came with a euphonium it looked like a saxaphone.   

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