Friday, 18 October 2013

Bang Smash!! Squash

“The ball shot past me like light before I could even hit it” I shouted at the top my lungs.

Just after morning tea, Miss G sent us into the classroom to tell us something before we go to our new kiwi sport, Squash.
After Miss G told us the thing she wanted to tell us, we vanished outside to line up, we entered the hall and we saw two young gentlemen standing next to a huge squash wall.

We all sat down in front of the two men and they introduced themselves, their names were Michael and Phil. Before we started our session Phil split us in to two groups, my group were all girls and the other group were boys and girls.

Once our first session started Phil told us to go to Michael and practise on the big squash board, we only had 5 minutes with Michael. During our session with Michael, Phil told us to stop, we were sad because we didn’t finish our 5 minutes yet.

Just after Phil was talking to his group we all ran to Phil to tell him that we were with him and Phil’s group is with Michael.

“Grab a ball and racket and practice hitting the ball in the air with the squash racket”, Phil said, We all ran to get a ball and a racket to practise. Once we finished our lesson we sat down and listened to our instructors, Michael and Phil finished talking and we all said thank you.

When we ran out I stayed in the hall and said “Thank you Michael and Phil for teaching us a WONDERFUL FANTASTIC FUN GAME”.

We ran all outside like we were animals, we were all thirsty, exhausted, sweaty, overwhelmed also it felt like I was gonna faint, but I really liked it because it was a good exercise.

The top 2 players of squash in the world are Nicol David and Ramy Ashour. What you wear for squash is just a pair of shorts and a t-shirt but the colors of the uniform have to represent your country. Also what you wear for protection is these special glasses in case the ball hits your face. Squash was invented in 1830 at a school in England called Harrow School.

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