Friday, 25 September 2015

The Lost!!!

The Lost!!!
Some time ago, there lived a lonely princess who sadly lost her parents at the age of 8. While growing up she felt lonely. So one particular day, the Princess went searching for a Prince.
The Princess left her castle, and strolled down to the nearest castle. Her first stop was to King Arthur’s Castle. She entered the castle and there was no one to be found.

Princess Amalia, made her way to every single room in the castle. The first room smelt like burnt underwear, (in fact there was underwear everywhere in that room), the next room had a note flying around. Amalia tried to catch the note, but she couldn’t, she tried her best to catch it but it finally landed in her hands.

The note read “ If you are reading this, I am in Ursula’s Castle, please save me”. Princess Amalia took off and headed towards Ursula’s Castle. Before she took off she remembered to bring her wand and her magical jandals.

Finally, she reached Ursula’s Castle, it looked a bit like a haunted castle. While walking in there was a vicious dog tied up to a sign saying “ Come on up”.
The lonely princess tip toed up the staircase. In every room there would be a black horse attached to the door of the room. She finally reached the end of the staircase, and then she begun to search for Ursula and Arthur.

She first looked in the kitchen for Ursula, she just saw a bunch of corn beef leftover messed up all over the kitchen table, so she carried on looking. After checking the kitchen she moved on to the bedrooms, one of the bedrooms were filled with bubbles.

While roaming the ugly house, she remembered that she brought her Iphone and that she has a GPS tracker downloaded on it. There was another sign that read “ No reception or wifi”. Amalia instantly got angry.

She ran to the darkest room of the castle, The room of Doom. She peeked inside and saw a man chained up to a tiger, Amalia was in shock.

To be Continued... 

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