Saturday, 23 March 2013


“Yes it’s athletics now”, I shouted at the top of my lungs.
On a beautiful sunny day we finished our soul friend mass and we vanished to the classroom to get our bags so we could go to the bathrooms and get changed.

When we got to the bathrooms we wore our athletics clothes and got out. I was in Tui’s and the Tui’s team had to wear all red.

Meantime Miss G told the 9 year old people to go to the high jump and all the little kids had to go run. I was very scared of doing high jump, I didn’t like doing high jump because I always hurt my knee when I do it.

When we finished doing high jump we moved on to shot put, the balls are really heavy. We had to sit in our house teams so it went Keas, Kiwis, Tuis and Geckos. I was really scared of throwing the balls because the ball might drop on my foot.

When sat down Mrs.Tui explained to us to be careful with the ball, it was tui’s turn to throw the shot put ball I was first and then the rest was after me when we finished that round Mrs.Tui called out the 4 people who threw the best.

Next it was the obstacle course it looked very boring, we sat down and we started right away. Tui’s had to start first because they were the first ones to get there. When we started we all stood up, our leader was Albert. We started to race and it turned out to be so fun.

Then we moved on to another fun activity it was the beanbag shuttle there were 4 or 5 bean bags lying on the ground and red, green, blue and yellow bags we started and I was the leader this time I had to run with the bag to the end and come back to the beginning and collect the bean bags from there I was the second one to get back.

The next round we started all over again I was the leader again when we started, my team was cheering for me I was happy cause when I got back I won and my team said “YES”! with excitement then the bell rang for lunch we all stopped and ran to the classroom to get our lunch I went to my dad because he had my lunch.

When I got my lunch I had are Keish and are healthy wrap with chicken it was so yummy when I finished my lunch I went with Rosalina and Annalise to practice our running me and Rosalina ran and we had are tie I gave Annalise are head start when we were running when two of us started running I beat her.

The bell rang so we quickly sat down under our shades and they called out for the nine, ten, eleven, twelve and thirteen year olds to come to the racing tracks. There was only one thirteen year old so Miss G said he had to be a twelve year old for the day.  We had lots of fun with the races and everyone tried their best.

It was an awesome day.

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