Thursday, 17 March 2016

Soul Friend Day

WRITING FOCUS: To write an explanation/description  of your Soul Friend.
- To use interesting words in your writing.
- To ensure your writing make sense. 
- To ensure you use punctuation correctly.

A Soul Friend is a friendship between 2 people, that are different ages. This is an Irish tradition and was introduced to St Pius X Catholic School by the Irish Holy Faith Sisters, many years ago.

This year, my Soul Friend is Audrey. She is 5 years old and is a year 0 student, in Room 1. She is very bright, intelligent and she loves to read. In St Pius X Catholic School, we have Soul Friends so we can get along with other students that are not quite the same age as we are.

Today is St Patrick's Day. Every 17th of March, we have a mass to celebrate our new Soul Friends and we made promises to take care of each other, to share and to play with them. We also received a prayer card, that was made by our Soul Friends. I will try my hardest to look after my Soul Friend and to be there when she needs me.

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