Friday, 6 May 2016

Recount - Holiday Writing

On the first week of the holidays, my mother, my brothers and I went to the movies to watch the new movie ‘The Jungle Book’. ‘The Jungle Book’, was originally a cartoon and was made into a real life movie.

This movie was about a boy named Mowgli, who was raised up by a pack of wolves and was trained to be exactly like one of them. Mowgli was a toddler when he was found by a black panther named, Bagheera.
Bagheera belonged to the pack of wolves.

During that time that Mowgli was with the wolves, Shere Khan, one of the most threatening and dangerous tiger around, was hunting for Mowgli because he was a ‘Man Cub’. Mowgli had the pack in danger and decided to leave to keep them safe.

While Mowgli was finding a new territory to stay, he was suddenly caught in a tree with a snake named ‘Kaa’. Out of nowhere, a bear named ‘Baloo’, snatched him from the tree to make sure that Mowgli was safe.

Bagheera thought that Mowgli was in danger and decided to get him back. Once Bagheera found where Mowgli was he made sure that he could change his mind and come back to the pack.

Mowgli heard about the news, that Shere Khan is wanting to kill him and Mowgli had to make sure that Shere Khan was dead first. There was something called the ‘Red Flower’. Mowgli made sure that he could get his hands on that ‘Red Flower’, to kill Shere Khan.

Mowgli killed Shere Khan and Mowgli returned back to the pack & no one was in danger ever again.

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  1. Wow! Rosrine
    I enjoyed reading your writing about the the Jungle Book.I hope to watch the Jungle book and have fun just like you did.Keep up the awesome work!!