Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Science Roadshow Experience

Science Roadshow Experience
Read by: Joshua Uiha

Our year 6’s, 7’s and year 8 students of St Pius X Catholic School, were going to Tamaki College, to participate in the ‘Science Roadshow’. Several students, were asked to ask their parents if they could help with transport to Tamaki College. Mrs Tui, split me up with, Manu, Sini, Kalo and Seuati, to ride with Joshua and his Father. We arrived at Tamaki College, and we waited several minutes for the people who were running the show, to open the Tamaki College Auditorium. After a long wait, we finally got to enter the Auditorium.

Before we could experience the science experiments, we were asked to sit down, so that some of the people who were running the show, could show us some experiments before going off and exploring. Once the the experiments were finished, we finally got to explore different science experiments. The first experiment, I got to explore was ‘What’s in the Box’. What’s in the Box, is an experiment, where you have to put your hand into a tunnel and have to guess what object is placed inside it.

I got to explore many other experiments. The best science experiment, I got to try out was ‘The object comparison’. The object comparison was set on a touch screen computer, and several images were laid out for the person to solve what the name of the images were.

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