Thursday, 16 June 2016

Descriptive Writing - A Powhiri

A Powhiri is a welcoming ceremony for visitors in a marae.
A Powhiri is always started with a karanga and is only performed by a women. Not only is it performed in a Marae, it can be performed, at a School or Birthdays.

Our school went to the Ruapotaka marae, to experience what it was like. Ana-lei was asked to perform a Karanga for the Powhiri.

A Powhiri is held in a certain building located in the Marae, where we have to take off our shoes before entering.  Before a Powhiri is started, the women have to be lined up in the front, while the men are lined up in the back.The one rule for the Powhiri is that, a lady has to be the one performing the Karanga. It sounds almost like a cry. Each speech in a Powhiri is followed by a performance of a waiata, or sometimes a haka.

The feeling of being welcomed into a Marae, was like me being welcomed into a Maori family. After a Powhiri it is followed by a Haraki (Feast).

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  1. This is a great step in your journey towards cultural competence Lini. keep it up