Friday, 12 August 2016

Writing: Cross Country Practise

Before lunch Room 7, Room 5 and 3 went for our Cross Country practise. Once we got to the reserve, I started off by power walking. I caught up with Sammy and Stanley on the way and encouraged them to run with me to the end of the park. I jogged back to  where I started the run and did my second lap. I ran to the end of the park again by myself and didn’t realize that Sammy was there. We walked back sweaty and tired along with some room 5 and 3 students. Just a few minutes after we finished our practise we all walked back to school, right in time for lunch.


  1. Great cross country blog Lini. Keep it up

  2. Great blogging Lini - I loved reading your DLO about your cross country practice. You are inspiring me to get out and go for a run!

    Cheers, Rachel :)

  3. Hope you get 1st or 2nd place in cross country

  4. Awesome Work Rosrine.
    This is so Amazing, I enjoyed reading it, and looking at your picture that went with it.
    Keep Up The Good Work