Sunday, 14 February 2016

My Monotonous Holiday

Pounds of sweat dripping down my forehead, kids complaining about how hot is, adults shouting. Can this day get any worse?

It was the second day in Honolulu, Hawaii and each day was getting hotter & hotter every second. While I was making my way to the kitchen, out of nowhere, my sister demanded that I immediately clean the kitchen. Though I didn’t have it within myself to clean the kitchen, I decided to skip breakfast and handle the task.

Once my task was completed, there was nothing left to do but to sit and watch TV. As time passed by, my day was getting dreary and dreary every minute. “Come here”, a voice called. I vanished to see what the trouble was all about, “If you have finished cleaning the kitchen, get ready because we are going to the beach”, my mother explained.

Even though I was tired, I kind of thought that it was way too hot to be staying in the house. I rushed to the guestroom, and got my gear ready for the beach. “Let’s Go!”, my mother shouted on the top of her lungs. “Let’s Go!”, she called again. Once I heard my mum call again, I quickly vanished to the van, so they wouldn’t leave me.

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