Sunday, 14 February 2016

Narrative Writing

Title - The Relief

“I am looking for my daughter, long black hair, she was wearing a floral dress”, the lady explains.

As Kate’s mother was searching for her, she came upon a couple, “I am looking for my daughter, long black hair, she was wearing a floral dress”, Kate’s mother explains. “I am very sorry, we have not seen anyone wearing a floral dress, we will try our best to look for someone like that”, the lady replies.

Kate’s mother continues to search for Kate nervously. Kate’s mother comes upon a lady sitting at a bench, “I’m sorry, but have you seen my daughter, she was wearing a floral dress”, Kate’s mother asked nervously. “Yeah I have, the last time I saw her she was jumping off one of those rocks, I will see if I see her again”, “Thank You”, Kate’s mother replied.

Kate’s poor mother, ran towards the rocks, and finally found Kate lying at shore. “Kate!!! are you hurt”, Kate’s mother asked as she was breathing heavily. Kate slowly lifts up her dress, and stops right above her knees, “I cut my leg open, while jumping off”, “Come on, we are going to take you to the hospital”, Kate’s mother explained while crying.

“What’s the matter”, a doctor asked, “My daughter’s leg is cut open”, Kate’s mum replied. Once Kate was out of the hospital, Kate and her mother returned home safely.

What is happening? In this narrative, there is a missing girl & her mother is looking everywhere and finally finds her.

Where are they? The setting that this narrative is taking place is at a beach.
Who are they? and describe the things you see. One of the characters in this narrative is named, Kate. Kate’s mother is also a character in this narrative, a strange lady and a couple.

What might go wrong in this picture? In this narrative, the thing that is going wrong is that, Kate is missing and most of the people at the beach are searching for her, and when they finally found her, her leg was cut open.

How might that situation be solved? Kate’s mother takes her to a nearby hospital and got her leg wrapped.

Who will help?  A strange lady helps Kate’s mother find Kate and since the mother took Kate to the hospital, a doctor helped Kate to get better.

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