Friday, 26 February 2016

Tennis Experience

As our class made our way to the courts, I could feel my heart pounding, as if it was going to jump out. This feeling, was getting worse and worse. “What if I miss the ball? “What if they all laugh at me”, I questioned myself.

Nets set up across the courts, Tennis Balls stacked up into a basket, Rackets packed up all into a bag. It felt like we were about to battle each other. Our class lined up, across one side of the court, while we introduced ourselves to our instructor. “My name is Rosrine”, I introduced. “My name is James & I will be your instructor for Tennis”, James exclaimed.

Our class headed towards the bag full of rackets and the basket filled with Tennis Balls. We then lined up across the net and practised simple exercises. “Okay, now grab a partner and stand across each other and have a little tennis game”, Our Instructor instructed.

Green birds, flying from the other side of the net to the other. Pounds of sweat dripping down my forehead and so many people getting worn out. Straight after that task, we moved onto a team competition, which was won by Faleaka and her team.

5 minutes, was left for our session and we were begging to have a one on one game. “Okay, line up”, James quickly said. I walked towards the ball, to serve it and I was suddenly out. The finalists for the 1 on 1 game was Alecia and Richie and was won by Alecia.

Experiencing tennis for the first time was amazing. I really liked how much fun our class had. I cannot wait for the next session.

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