Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Letter - Derek Munson {Holiday Blogging}

Dear Mr. Munson,

My name is Rosrine, I currently live in New Zealand, I am 12 years of age and go to St Pius X Catholic School, in Glen Innes.

I am writing this letter, to tell you my thoughts on your book, Enemy Pie.

Well... firstly, I actually found your book so interesting, but not only did I find it interesting I actually found it odd.
I found your book really interesting because, I never expected this boy’s enemy to move into his neighbourhood and not only did they just play together, they suddenly became friends.
I found this book also very odd because, in the book you never explained how they became enemies and how they even met each other.

I especially loved the little twist at the end. These were all my thoughts on your book, Enemy Pie.

All my Respect & Adoration.

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