Saturday, 16 April 2016

Story Online - Catching the Moon {Holiday Blogging}

Book Title: Catching the Moon
Author: Crystal Hubbard
Illustrator: Randy DuBurke

Today I decided to choose a story on Story Online called
"Catching the Moon". This story was about a young girl named "Marcenia Lyle", who loved Baseball. One night her Granddad walked into her bedroom and asked her how her baseball game went. She replied happily and told him that her team won. Marcenia's Granddad then said, "Only if you didn't rip your dress". It made her feel as it he was shattering her dreams of being a baseball player. The next day, there was a special guest who came over to ask the baseball team, if they wanted to join a baseball camp. "I don't allow girls in my camp, but you're a fast runner", the guest told Marcenia. She then got handed these special Baseball Shoes that made her day quite better than the rest. Marcenia returned back home to her father and told him what happened on that day, she was still disappointed that she wasn't allowed into the camp.
I think this was a very special book, because the author is telling so many girls around the world, that we are capable of anything. I would definitely recommend this book for my Best Friends, Alecia & Sammy.

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