Sunday, 24 April 2016

Narrative - Adrian's Birthday Party {Holiday Blogging}

“Build it right there”, I exclaimed, happily.

Today was my best friends birthday, Adrian. Adrian wanted a small party, but I had no clue why he wanted it at my house. I am so excited to see my friends from school today, Sophie, Adam and especially Adrian.

‘Knock, Knock’. I scampered so quickly towards the door, just like a mouse finding cheese. “Hi Nicole”. It was Sophie. “Has anybody arrived yet?”, she asked. “No, not at all”, I said, “I actually told them to come half an hour late so we could set up everything”, I added. Sophie gave me one of those ‘Well, I had no idea that was planned’, look. “You need to check this out”, I bursted.

Sophie & I walked down the hallway to bedroom, I had to tell her what we were planning, especially because she’s the only girl invited to this party, apart from me. I walked Sophie to my closet. “What are you showing me”, Sophie asked, confusingly. I gave Sophie a ‘you’ll see’ look.

“Well, I asked my dad to build a door in my closet, so when we play hide and seek, I’ll tell Adrian to hide in my closet”, I said. “He will fall through the door, and see all these stains on the floor and he’ll think that we hid... What!, bodies in there”, I added, while bursting out laughing.
“Will he fall-”, ‘Knock, Knock’, the knock on the door interrupted Sophie.
“Close my closet, I have to get the door”, I asked politely.

“I’m coming”, I shouted, down the hallway. “Adrian!!!!!!”, I screamed. “Hey Nicole”, he replied, warmingly. “Happy Birthday, Big Boy”, I told him. Adrian & I have been best friends since, kindergarten.

“Sophie, it’s Adrian”. Sophie came running down the hallway, shouting ‘Happy Birthday!!!!’. A few minutes later, someone was knocking on the door again. “It’s probably Adam”, Sophie mumbled. “Hey Adam, come on in”, I greeted. Adam walked in and hugged Adrian, which lead all of us into a tight group hug.

“Why don’t we get the party started”, my dad interrupted. Adrian’s parents, Sophie’s mother, Adam’s parents and mine were all at the party. Just like Adrian wanted, a small party.

I planned that the parents all go down to the room, down in my closet, while the kids play ‘Hide n Seek’. “Okay, while our parents are setting up we can play a fast game of Hide n Seek”, I suggested. “Okay, that’ll be a fun way to start”, Sophie winked. I always thought of Sophie as my own sister.

“The rules are, we can only hide in my room”, I said, making sure everyone heard me. I got out of the room, while everybody was hiding. I wasn’t actually going to find them, it was part of the plan to come down to the room where the party is being held, while the hiders find their way there. Sophie could help them, since I already showed her the way to Adrian’s secret birthday party.

I led my way to where the party was taking place. “It’s looking good”, I told the parents. While my father was building the little hallway to the birthday party room, I made sure that he built a little ramp so I could stand there and make sure that Sophie was leading them the right way.

“Aaaaaah”, I could hear a scream, a boy scream. I’m not sure what a boy scream is suppose sound like, but it sounded unusual. I could hear Adrian freaking out about what he was looking at. “Why was there a secret door behind her closet?, Why had it just opened? And what could possibly be down the steps?”, Adrian panicked.

“Adrian, Adam it’s fine, follow me”, Sophie said, while calming Adam and Adrian down. I’m pretty sure, that Adrian & Adam thought that Sophie was out of her mind. I could finally see all three of their shadows coming down the ramp.

I stepped back slowly, leading myself into the room, making sure that Adam especially Adrian wouldn’t see me. “Just stand here”, Sophie told them. I turned on the lights and we all popped up shouting ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ADRIAN’.

Adrian and Adam looked very confused. I walked towards both of them with Sophie, about to tell them what we were planning the whole time. “Why didn’t you come to find us”, Adam said, upsettingly. “Well, my dad built a door in my closet so that you and Adrian would fall in and so Sophie could lead you guys to the birthday party”. I told both of them. “Well it worked”, Adam & Adrian said.

Before the birthday ended, Sophie, Adam, Adrian & I gathered together outside and had another group hug, before they all left. It was so tight I nearly blacked out. Sophie and Adam left with both their parents, while Adrian and his parents stayed to help us clean up.

“Thanks for letting me throw my birthday party at your house, Best Friend”, Adrian exclaimed. “I’m just glad you had a great time, Best Friend”. We both hugged again, very tightly. I haven’t had a hug from Adrian in so long. “See you in school”, I shouted across the room, while he was leaving.

The next day, Adrian, Sophie, Adam & I hung out the whole entire day at school. That day we couldn’t stop talking about how epic Adrian’s party was. It felt very good to have the most bestest and truthful friends around me. “I love you guys”,  I told them.

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