Friday, 22 April 2016

The Jungle Book {Holiday Blogging}

Today, I went to the movies to watch the new movie, The Jungle Book.
This movie was about a boy named, Mowgli, who was raised up with a pack of wolves. Mowgli was threatened to be killed by a dangerous tiger, Shere Khan. So, Mowgli decided to leave the pack and find somewhere else to stay. Mowgli, somehow was trapped in a snakes territory, when a bear rescued him and took him to his cave. Mowgli and the bear became really good friends, but the bear told Mowgli that they couldn't be friends anymore.

Mowgli had a special talent of climbing trees, until he used it and was taken by a pack of monkeys.
The bear and his special tiger friend, tried so hard to get Mowgli back, but couldn't.
Somewhere in the end, Mowgli killed the threatening tiger and went back to the wolves who raised him.

Some Pictures from the cartoon, but I watched the real life movie.

Mowgli & Baloo the bear.
Mowgli & Bagheera (the one who brought him to the pack)

Shere Khan, the tiger who threatened the wolf pack

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