Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Activity 2 Day 7: Paralympic Games - Raising Funds

Activity 2: It is very expensive for each of the Paralympic athletes to fly from New Zealand to Rio de Janeiro to compete.  Most athletes have to fundraise in order to make the money that they need to go on the big trip. Recently, Harvey Norman announced that they will be helping to raise funds for the New Zealand Paralympic team. What could you do to help raise funds to support our amazing Paralympic athletes? On your blog, list 2 different ways in which you, your family or friends could raise money to support the athletes.

One thing I think my family or friends could participate in to help raise money is a bake sale. They could bake cakes, cupcakes, muffins etc. Another way that my family or friends could help to raise money is to hold a Garage Sale. I could sell a lot of the clothes I don't wear and the shoes that no longer fit me.

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