Thursday, 7 July 2016

Recount: Year 8 Retreat!

Alecia, Richie and I were getting dropped off to the ‘St Francis Retreat Centre’, along with the rest of the year eights. When we finally arrived at our destination we hopped out and unpacked our bags from the car.
Not long after we arrived at the Retreat Centre, Joshua and his ride arrived followed by the boys and Mrs Tui. We all scampered to the veranda, waiting for the Brother Philip to invite us in. “Hello”, a man in brown approached. It was Brother Philip.

We walked into the building after taking off our soaked shoes. We were all seated in what we called the ‘Fireplace room’. Brother Philip explained the rules in the rooms, in the chapel, and in the kitchen. “Should we take them to their rooms”, Brother Philip questioned Mrs Tui, “Yes, let’s go”, Mrs Tui replied. We all followed Mrs Tui up to our rooms. “Wow, this is the longest hallway”. “How many rooms are there”, everyone questioned.

One thing I really enjoyed at the retreat was, getting to make our own ark. I really liked creating my own ark because it's something I can do outside of school.

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