Friday, 29 July 2016

Narrative Writing: A Monotonous Night

“Really?  Seriously? more singing”, Stanley said, having that irritated look painted across his face.
“This is so boring, why did I have to come”, I thought to myself.

Today was the first day I finally get to camp out in the woods. I feel like an older person. I feel free. But only one problem, I have a major fear of... the dark. “What if something ugly pops out”, or “What if Stanley turns into a monster”. The only thing that could possibly calm me down is my music, my instruments, but Stanley is not a fan.

We reached the perfect destination. The sun was down, and the glimmering stars were out. But it was dark. I couldn’t handle the silence, besides Stanley’s snoring. All the thoughts flash backed to my head. ‘What if something ugly pops out’, I shook myself out of it. I gazed at the stars.  I had to start singing, so I did. “Really seriously, more singing”, Stanley said suddenly, while having that irritated look painted across his face. “Yes, more singing..”, I glared at him for a moment. Stanley turned away and tucked his face into his blanket, before I could carry on with what I was saying. ‘Should I grab my ukulele’, I thought. ‘Well, Stanley needs to know how to relax’, I added. I grabbed my ukulele and strummed off. I backed away, bringing out my friends. Stanley looked angry and confused at the same time. I don’t think he knows that I have imaginary friends.

I scolded myself for wanting to turn back, and hesitantly walked towards Stanley. He took my ukulele, my face brightened up. Next thing I know, my ukulele is in flames. I bursted out with a pool full of tears. Stanley rolled his eyes and tucked himself into his blanket, while giving out the most biggest groan. I cried and cried. The ukulele was all I had. My life.

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