Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Day 4 Bonus Activity

Bonus Activity: The New Zealand Olympic Team has created a video called #Be The Inspiration. They have posted it on the homepage of their website (on the left hand side). Watch the Be the Inspiration video and then post a critique of the video on your blog. In your critique tell us what you liked about the video and what you didn’t like. It is very common for movie reviewers to use stars to indicate how much they liked a movie. A rating of * = very bad movie, ** = bad movie, *** = okay movie, **** = good movie, and ***** = very good movie. At the end of your critique, please provide a rating for the Be The Inspiration movie.

In my opinion, I thought this video was a very good video (*****). The main thing I enjoyed about the 'Be the Inspiration' video was, how the narrator was saying that we should be the reason why the athletes train harder everyday. I like this part especially because it makes me think harder about how many athletes are doing this for there country and families.

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