Monday, 11 July 2016

Day 3 Activity 1: Sport Specifics

Activity 1: Visit the website for the 2016 Rio Olympics. Click on the name of the one of the sports that is listed on the main page. If possible, choose one that you have never heard of before and read about it. After reading about the sport, post a short description of it on your blog. The post must include:
- The name of the sport
- The aim of the sport
- Two rules of the sport

Name of the sport: Judo
Aim of the sport: Competitors must try to throw their opponent onto the ground with their back on the floor, immobilise them on the ground for 20 seconds or force a submission. 
Rule 1: In Judo, about five minutes last for men and four minutes for women.
Rule 2: Kicking or punching are not permitted, if the referee thinks that one of these blows was intended, or any other that might put the physical integrity of the opponent at risk, they can penalise or disqualify the athlete. 


  1. Hi Rosrine,

    Thanks for choosing judo as your sport! I was able to learn quite a bit about it from reading your post. I really didn't know much about the sport prior to today. Did you? Have you ever seen anyone compete in a judo match? The closest thing that I have seen to judo would be sumo wrestling. I used to live in Japan and had the chance to go to a local sumo wrestling competition. It was for school children and I loved it!

    What about you? Do you have any experience with judo or wrestling?


  2. Thank you, Mrs Rachel Williamson. No,I actually have not seen anything related to Judo, or even a match. One day, I would love to see one.

  3. Me too! I really hope that the Olympics will come to New Zealand one day and we can all go and watch :)