Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Whole School Cathedral Trip

Audience: My Parents - To inform what happened on our trip to the Cathedral.

“Wow, this is humongous”, voices exclaimed, with surprise.
Last Friday was a big day. St Pius X School had the opportunity to be part of a mass, that was being held at the St Patrick Cathedral as part of a pilgrimage journey. St Pius, arrived in Auckland City around eleven in the morning. We hopped off the bus and scampered towards the Cathedral. About 10 minutes passed, and we were getting ourselves ready to enter the Cathedral.

My eyes widened, goosebumps everywhere. I was amazed. The Cathedral was humongous. “I’ve never seen anything like this”, I whispered to Sammy over my shoulder. We all walked into the Cathedral. I gripped tightly onto my soul friend’s hand leading her in my direction making sure she wouldn’t take off. Right after we all took our seats, a man dressed in white clothing walked up onto the altar and introduced himself. “Hello St Pius, my name is Father Larry”, he announced. “It’s an honour to have you guys here”, he added.

During the mass, we got the opportunity to sing one of the songs we all practised back at school. “Bread broken wine, shared Jesus”, we all sang. Just when the service finished, a old lady with a bold purple dress walked towards our class and explained how much she adored our singing and our uniform. As soon as the lady vanished off, we filed to the top of the altar, organising ourselves into lines, getting ready for a school photo, with Father Larry. ‘1, 2, 3,’. Before heading back to school, Father Larry talked about some sculptures and parts of the Cathedral and what they meant.  We then walked out of the Cathedral blessing ourselves with Holy Water.

I think that the best part of this trip was getting the opportunity to be in a Cathedral for this first time.

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