Thursday, 7 July 2016

Recount: Happy Children's Book Week!

Today at St Pius X Catholic School we had an event called, Book week. Book week is an event we started at school, where we dress up as our favourite book character.  I was amazed to see so many characters in books come alive.

We started our book day off with a Duffy Book Assembly, with our special guest, Mrs Josephine Bartley. “Welcome, Welcome, Welcome”, we started. During the assembly each class paraded around showing the school their costumes. Alecia and I got to ask several students in each class, to give the school more information about their character. Princesses, Pirates, Nerds, Little Red Riding Hoods even Harry Potter characters. There were also, Honors Badges given to our new leaders. It was pretty exciting.

At the end of the Duffy Assembly every class exited out of the hall following our special guest. Straight after the assembly, Joshua, Alecia and I packed up everything we unpacked in the beginning of the day. I would have to say, that today was an absolute good day. I say this because, I got to show others my costume and who I was.

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